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Dog Daycare


What is dog daycare?

In our daycare, dogs play together in a choice of two rubber matted playrooms.  They run, play, chase, snuggle, wrestle, or simply hang out with their other canine friends. They are not contained in a run all day like a kennel experience may be.  All the fun is in a climate controlled, open, safe and clean atmosphere.

Our trained team of caring daycare providers supervise all dogs while they are out and about the playroom. Dogs need exercise and socialization to remain mentally and physically fit.   Your dog will experience a day of interaction with small and large canine friends, one on one attention from clubhouse staff, a mid-day nap and lots of fun activities. Our room is not separated by size, all dogs play together and are evaluated for the ability to do so.



Benefits of Daycare

Daycare can build your dogs social skills with humans and canine friends.
Making it more enjoyable to go out in public or relax at home.

Playtime relieves stress, anxiety and boredom. Your dog will come home tired and calmer,
Great weight management for dogs that need to watch their waistline!

No more guilt leaving your dog home while at work.

No more coming home to a destructive mess or accidents in the house.




Requirements for Daycare

The following requirements must be met in order for your dog to attend and enjoy the Clubhouse Daycare and Overnight Care Service:

Dogs must be at least 12 weeks of age or older to attend
All dogs over 6-7 months old must be spayed or neutered
All dogs must have the required vaccinations up to date. Distemper, Bordatella and Rabies
Dogs must be non-aggressive, showing no aggressive tendencies towards other humans or other animals

Every dog must pass the evaluation before being accepted to daycare.

If your dogs passes, you must attend daycare at least once, within 3 months after the evaluation , or your dog must re-evaluate in order to attend daycare. If your dog stops coming and it has been 3 months, your dog will need to re-evaluate.

Your dog must attend daycare at least once a month and be a regular member if you wish to use our Overnight Service.

We offer overnight care, but understand people may choose another facility. If you attend another facility for boarding, we ask customers to wait at least 10 days before coming back to our facility.


All daycare dogs must be picked up by closing time on that day. If a dog is not picked up 10/15 minutes after closing, the dog will be boarding overnight till the next open day. Charges will apply for late fee and overnight service.


These requirements allow our pack to be filled with regular, relaxed and happy dogs. The dogs know that their owners are coming back since they have been conditioned to this by coming to daycare regularly. They are playing with others that they know and are familiar to them. This relieves the stress, and makes for a great play experience all around. We also can try to prevent cross contamination of germs, or colds by keeping our pack familiar and regular.