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Overnight Boarding

What is Overnight Care?


Whether or not you need to go away for one night or a longer vacation, our overnight care is perfect for your dog.  Overnight Care is provided 7 days a week, including holidays and only to our regular daycare members exclusively.

Your dog must be a regular daycare member in order to use the overnight service.
A regular member is a dog that participates in daycare at minimum once a month. If they miss a month, or stops coming, the dog is now no longer eligible for overnight care. This allows us to have overnight dogs that are relaxed, only sleeping next to friends they play with all the time, are comfortable and are healthy and adjusted.

Your dog will be able to play and socialize all day in our playrooms. No dogs are left in cages or suites all day like a regular kennel would do.

Dinner is served, late night snack and a tuck in at night.  Soft music and dim lights to sleep by in our spacious suites.  They go to sleep then wake up ready for another day of play in our playrooms!







    Boarding Requirements





    You will be required to pass the daycare evaluation prior to staying overnight and attend two full days of daycare before your first overnight care reservation. On occasion, we have asked new customers to sometimes do more than the two full days if your dog is fairly new and needs more time to get acclimated.

    All dogs must be up to date on required vaccinations. Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella. 

What to bring for your stay.

You are required to bring your dogs food or snacks since dogs stomachs are sensitive and dogs feel much better with their regular diets.  No upset tummies here! 
Please do not bring food bowls. We use our own stainless steel bowls every day.

You are allowed to bring any bedding, toys and comforts from home! 
We also provide blankets or comforters if you prefer.  

Please bring any medications your dog may need while they are our overnight guest. It is always good to bring an extra days worth of medication or food incase you are delayed getting back.